By utilising the very latest technologies, TRIWAVE has the capability to develop innovative new products that are cutting edge, have greater efficiency and are more cost-effective. We can also design equipment to be physically smaller and consume less power - an especially important aspect for battery and mobile system devices. Surface mount assembly is commonly used.

Based in Johannesburg , TRIWAVE operates in numerous industry markets including medical, industrial, security ,RF-ID and general commercial. Our designers and consultants allow you to outsource your new electronic product design, prototype development and production manufacture, fulfilling your custom requirement from one turnkey source.

We offer a full range of electronics design services including consulting, contracting, engineering, test, contract assembly & manufacture, feasibility / specification studies and EMC precompliance. Where specialist packaging and manufacturing processes are required we have numerous industry contacts that are used for contractor outsourcing. We also operate in-house facilities for PCB production batches. All our products are ISO9002 compliant we embrace product and project management principles.

In recent years we have strategically positioned ourselves to provide security ,mining and complex product developments, in addition to our existing technology portfolio.

The development of power supplies and controllers is key technology for many applications. Our designers have had many years of experience in designing specialized and standard power circuits and supplies, chargers, filtering equipment, converters, inverters, power controllers security equipment and RF products we have the expertise to create all the relevant firmware and application software for any environment or platform .

Our electronics design engineers have expertise in many different fields and have created both small projects and complex multi-technology systems, all with a blend of innovation and cost-effectiveness, increasing your competitive advantage.

From a simple prototype circuit board to a complex turnkey system, we would be happy to hear from you.

We provide software design for PC's in Delphie, Visual Basic, C (+/++), and JavaScript., ASP/PHP Applications for the PC are numerous but could typically be: calibration, custom equipment control, interactive test environments, launch pads for applications, databases, communication systems etc. We also design using PERL and JAVA for integrated internet gateway applications. In designing hardware we program at machine code level using assembly language if speed or code efficiency is required. By fully understanding the client's requirements and by having control of both software and hardware we offer a solution that is optimized for the scale of the production.

Using Delphi and third party communications software add-ons, we created a test environment for IP ,wireless and multi-drop RS485 security system. Each system /node on the network can be individually addressed, default parameters can be read, edited and stored and updated .Search facilities allow systems, devices or nodes on the network to be identified. At the end of each day the system can auto email or gsm/gprs the daily status reports to a remote system or user .

Software for Industrial Control

Using high speed gsm/gprs ,Ethernet or input/output cards it is possible to monitor and control complex industrial applications. In this application, a printing process was automated by using the output from a database program to control the printed data added to a printed label.
The Delphi program and the hardware interface we designed gives the operator the power to interact with the industrial hardware with the convenience of a windows user environment, and the ability to work with today's powerful data management software.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, as we will be happy to help.

The work we do

  • Electronic product design
  • Turnkey development
  • Production manufacture
  • Feasibility / specification studies
  • Scoping documents
  • Prototyping
  • Pre-production units
  • Proof of concept
  • Demonstrators
  • First off design
  • Concept design
  • Product definition
  • Technology research
  • Simulations
  • Research & development
  • Model-making
  • Validity & verification
  • Off-shore production
  • Consulting
  • Contracting
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Design testing
  • Contract manufacture
  • Project management