TRIWAVE possesses over 67 years of collective electronics development experience and brings together a wide range of electronics engineering skills from a variety of backgrounds.

We have experience of developing products for clients across many different markets; as a result we have developed knowledge of these markets and their requirements. This also means we are able to cross-pollinate ideas from one market into another. On many occasions we have developed a solution for a client that made use of technology being applied in another market that our client had not previously been aware of in no way does this affect confidentiality agreements we have with our clients . It is this experience and knowledge that keeps our clients coming back and attracts new clients to us


TRIWAVE has developed a number of subassemblies for clients in industrial markets , such as cranes ,water heaters and cooling systems.

Our expertise in developing industrial controls in particular has lead many clients to us.


As society becomes more concerned with security, the market for clever electronic devices is increasing, as is the work that TRIWAVE is undertaking for clients in this area.


Developing hi-quality instrumentation for scientific use is an area that is growing. TRIWAVE have been involved in a number of projects in this area, however due to the often-sensitive nature of our client’s work, we are unable to discuss projects in detail.


We design and manufacture subassemblies for the automotive industry which includes vehicle tracking .These solutions have to be innovative and secure .

Audio & Sound

The TRIWAVE team has extensive audio experience in both broadcasting technology and public address systems and we love putting these skills into practice.

The Unusual

Some of the most interesting projects we have worked on have also tended to be the most unusual; they’re often the most fun too!


Below you will find a few links to our key clients

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